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Coaching for Speakers with Orly Amor

“You really want to be friends with and work with Orly. This gal will make your personal and business life better! I don’t want to get all flowery with praise because then you won’t believe my sincerity. But the fact is that Orly Amor can take an average speaker, and self-described blowhard sales guy like me and turn me into a money-making machine.  The problem is that I can’t even take any credit for it. Which kind of stinks. All I am doing is everything that she is telling me to do.  If I were you, I would just hire her. Her prices are reasonable, considering her Guarantee, which is perfect for a cheapo like me.  Orly Amor I guess this is my odd way of saying thanks. You have changed my life for the better. Now, if it’s OK with you coach, I must get back to the Process and get some more speaking engagements!

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Launch and Grow a 6 Figure Public Speaking Business in Just 1 Year Whether you are Just Starting or a Seasoned Speaker.

The Guarantee is that You Will Make Six Figures and More in Public Speaking FEES or I Work With You Until You DO.

Who this IS for

  • Public Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Authors who are SERIOUS about treating this like a Business and ready to invest in themselves to get it done.
  • Who understand the value of a coach and are willing to do the Work No Matter What.
  • Those who know they need direction, infrastructure  and insight to this industry.
  • If that is, YOU? You are a good fit for these programs.

Who this is NOT for

  • Public Speakers, Coaches, Consultants and Authors who are still trying to FIGURE IT OUT on their Own, thinking that Google is the only way to find Events and get booked.
  • You think you will get booked because you have a great message or have a book or have a great following on Social Media.
  • You want someone to book you and are not willing to do the work.
  • If that is, you? You are not a good fit for these programs.

Here’s What You’ll Learn To Master

  • How to Position Yourself As THE Subject Matter Expert
  • Establish Authority, Celebrity Status, and Irresistible Influence
  • Designing and Creating Your 3 Key Speech Titles
  • How To Win Over Tough Event Planners
  • How To Land Paid Speaking Gigs (Virtual or Live)
  • Learn To Market Yourself So You Attract The Right Gigs
  • Discover How To Differentiate Yourself and Separate Yourself From The Pack
  • To Set Your Pricing To Remain Competitive and Still Earn 6 Figures

This Program is for those who are ready to get booked and understand that they need the infrastructure and insights to Online and Live Events.

This Program includes the following:

  • 6 Two Hour Sessions NOT 6 Weeks (You can go as fast or as slow as you like as long as it is available on my Calendar)
  • Positioning, Topics and Areas of Expertise (This is my SUPERPOWER)
  • Top Three (3) Speech Titles  that are Intriguing, Sexy and Marketable for Event Planners/Coordinators (DONE WITH YOU)
  • A Fee Structure and a Defined Business Model to Scale this Business
  • All the forms you need DONE FOR YOU (Including but not limited to Contract, Speaker Sheet and any other form you need to have you Ready)
  • All the Conversations, Negotiation Lingo, Scripts and Rebuttals to Deal with Event Planners/Coordinators
  • Coaching Packages or Offers including Pricing for what you do (If you already have one then we can look at the Pricing and Packaging)
  • Access to me 24/7 with Unlimited E-Mails, Call and Texts
  • Start Up List of Events that Hire Speakers
  • Start Up List of Events that Hire Speakers
  • I hold your hand till you get booked to ensure your success.  You just have to do the WORK.

This program will help you write and deliver a 45 Minutes to 90 Minutes keynote in six 2-hour sessions (one session every two weeks). The training includes PowerPoint Support and Unlimited Revisions for One Full Year.

This program can be completed individually or within a group setting.

This program is a 24 week mindset mastery life-coaching certification from the Global Mentoring Coaching and Publishing Center and Trust.

The certification program will allow you to coach/mentor and charge for your services following the guidelines of GMCP Center and Trust.

For more information on my programs contact me directly

As a Business Coach for Public Speakers, I work with speakers, authors, coaches & business leaders who want to be booked as a paid speaker.

I specialize in showing professionals how to get booked as a speaker, including but not limited to:

How I Work:

“Orly’s ability to create a solid actionable plan in your speaker driven business in a short amount of time is incredible. Even if you are in the starting blocks of your business it will not take long at all for you to be up and running and profitable. For any seasoned speakers, never forget this “You don’t know it all”, I have been speaking for a little over 5 years and thought I was doing well. After 1 hour with this soul, I knew I needed to hire her. Let me sum it up with this phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know but, you think you know.” Excellent experience in her program and even better return on money well spent.   Thank you, friend.”

– Vernon B. – Life Coach and Public Speaker

Orly Amor, Business Coach for Public Speakers, Only One in the World that guarantees $150K in your first year of Public Speaking in writing or I will work with you until you do.

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