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You're not all that: 12 Reasons Why Event Planners Won't Hire You

Are you a public speaker who is finding it hard to get engagements?

Would you like to change that and be able to pick and choose your work?

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With ‘Public Speakers, You’re Not All That! -12 Reasons Why Event Planners Won’t Hire You,’ you can learn the most common mistakes that are made and what you can do differently. Such as:

How you can triple your income and double your time off Exploding the myths that surround public speaking Facts about the business side of public speaking Learning how to stand out above the competition Being patient and persevering The importance of preparation and consistency And lots more…

Learning to treat public speaking as a business is the cornerstone of your success and THE EXCITING NEW BOOK “Public Speakers, You’re Not All That” is the book that will change your approach and help you find the success you crave!

Orly has been a Public Speaker for 23 Years and for the past 9 years she has helped hundreds of speakers get their message monetized. She is the creator of “Business in a Box for Public Speakers” and a Business Coach for Public Speakers as well. So, I’m thrilled she’s finally sharing her secrets with the world.

Speaking in public, whether it is to a small group of a few or an audience of thousands, takes a particular skill that doesn’t come naturally to many. While a certain few seem to entertain and get plenty of work effortlessly, others find it a challenge to get hired.

Get a copy today. Get more public speaking engagements tomorrow!

Mindset Mastery

The Twelve Powers We Hold Within
The ultimate paradigm shift

Did you ever wonder how to live a happier, more fulfilled life? In The Twelve Powers We Hold Within, Certified Behavioral Analyst Orly Amor introduces us to the Positive and Negative Balls that live within each of us and shows us how they influence and impact our lives.

The Twelve Powers are

Orly takes us step by step through each Power and shows us how we can design the lives we dream about. She shows us: How to nourish our Positive Ball while starving the Negative Ball. How our attitude and self-talk controls what we focus on. How happiness is a choice and how to always choose it.

Orly Amor, Business Coach for Public Speakers, Only One in the World that guarantees $150K in your first year of Public Speaking in writing or I will work with you until you do.

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