Give your audience more than inspiration

Orly has a very personal and profound message to share with the world:
The secret to changing your life is five simple steps. And she can prove it.

Most keynote speakers are inspiring but they lack takeaways and next steps.

Orly’s superpower is opening minds, stretching the imagination, and providing your audience with growth opportunities that would otherwise be unthinkable without her Influence. She follows through by energizing the audience, getting them to think differently, and getting them to embrace meaningful change. Her down to earth style encourages them to take meaningful actions that deliver long-lasting results.

Orly has worked in Property Management for 25 years from Montreal Canada to South Florida where she was the Local Expert on Channel 10 WPLG. She understands human behavior and how it can impact an organization both positively as well as negatively. She delivers in a style that encourages people to think differently and embraces meaningful and lasting change from within.


Over the past 25 years, Orly Amor has studied and focused on Human Behavior and Human Ego States. Her direct approach to getting results is immediately experienced by the audience. She has developed a variety of talks that will benefit the staff, customers, vendors, and the corporation. Her style is engaging, energizing, thought-provoking and most importantly; her programs are relevant to all attendees. This allows the attendees to have action steps immediately after the event.

Orly understands that our human brain and the ability to implement knowledge is the difference between success and struggle. She also knows that your best concepts and ideas of five years ago are your excess baggage today. She has a unique style and ability to deliver a powerful, insightful, relevant, engaging program that will impact your audience every time. She will strive to make your event a huge success. Her keynote presentations on networking, change management and results-oriented mentality are invaluable in today’s post Covid19 chaotic times.

Please Your Audience

Orly is comfortable in a private setting, break out sessions, before a boardroom full of executives, or on stage in front of thousands.

Guaranteed Results

Orly is an engaging and passionate speaker. Her style creates immediate results for the attendees and the corporation.

Grateful & Easy to Work With

Orly is a thoughtful and easy to work with speaker. She will always be there to support you. Before, during and after your event.

8 Reasons To Hire Orly

  • SHE IS EASY TO WORK WITH. My job is to support you and to help make your event a complete success.
  • She always finishes on-time. I am very respectful and considerate with time.
  • She commands and holds the attention of the audience. Her presentations are thought-provoking, engaging, relevant & they create changes in behavior to the positive.
  • She will do everything possible to make your life easy.
  • She will customize her content for your audience and will be prepared for any eventuality. Your audience will not be disappointed.
  • Her number one goal is to be invited back again and again.
  • She understands there are many ways to be compensated. I can always be creative and find ways to work together. My #1 goal is to impact as many lives as possible.
  • She has 25 years in the speaking profession. Think of her as part of the “event team”. I am always ready to serve!

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Orly Amor, Business Coach for Public Speakers, Only One in the World that guarantees $150K in your first year of Public Speaking in writing or I will work with you until you do.

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